Polygraphy has its roots in the United States of America. Beginning in 1921 with William Marston’s simple device to measure real time variations in blood pressure, the polygraph technique has evolved over the subsequent decades to the modern computerized instruments of today which monitor physiological indices such as blood pressure, blood volume, pulse rate and amplitude, respiration and skin conductivity. Most of the polygraph examiners in the U.S. today are from a law enforcement background while a small percentage are experts skilled in the science of forensic psycho-physiology and instrumentation. Verifier Polygraph’s expertise has evolved from the latter.

The vast majority of polygraph examiners are graduates of a 320 hour course and measure their professional experience by how many polygraph exams they have conducted. Few have had any significant training in instrumentation and psychology. Verifier Polygraph is a high end Credibility Assessment firm specializing in unraveling the most difficult and elusive cases.

There are a few other polygraph examiners in the Philippines and the European Union but Verifier Polygraph stands on the shoulders of giants in the realm of forensic psycho-physiology where our quality control is performed by industry experts with advanced college degrees in engineering and psychology.

Our polygraph exams are conducted with the top of the line LX-5000 Computerized Polygraph System from the Lafayette Instrument company—no better polygraph instrument exists. Verifier Polygraph utilizes only those exam formats that have been proven reliable by the U.S. government and which are in use today by such entities as the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Security Agency (NSA). All examinations are given a full quality control review by our experts in the U.S. to ensure proper procedures were followed and that the polygraph charts were scored appropriately. No other polygraph service in the Philippines or the European Union has such expertise at their disposal to ensure the utmost quality of service.